Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Guide Lines of Radio by Valerie Geller

- Speak in term's your listener can "picture". Use Details. Describe the little things so your audience can "see" what you are talking about.
-Always start your Show with something very interesting. This ought to be obvious but often isn't.
-Tell the TRUTH.
-Never be boring
-If something is big or important is happening today, go with it.
-listen to your station, even when your not on air
-Make your program matter. Use your own life as a show resource.
-Bury the dead: If a topic is overdone drop it.
-If you are live on-air, anything goes! but anything pre-recorded should be perfect
-It is ok to brag about yourself- If it's good.
-Brag about other people's stuff. If another host on your station had a "magic moment", talk about it.
-If you don't know anything. it's ok to say so. Your audience will love to know that you are like them
-Do smooth and interesting transitions to other hosts and shows. Support them
-be who you are on radio
-Risk. Try things. Dare to be great!

These guide lines where brought to you by
Creating Powerful Radio:Getting, Keeping and Growing Audiences
By Valerie Geller

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